Age Crisis

Above are pop vinyl figures, I’m pretty sure they are in the States as well but they are really popular over here at the moment. They are causing me to have an age crises. I’m coming up for 33 years young, in my final year of University and I will be looking at buying a house this time next year. I have never been one to let age define me, if I’m happy and not hurting anyone then what’s the problem? I want to buy these figures so much but I know I don’t need them and I have no use for them, but they look so damn cool. Remember beanie babies? Well if these had the some money affect then I would definitely buy them, but nothing is worth anything anymore, everything is expendable because items are easier to get hold of. My other issue is my need to collect, I love collecting, and they are collectible due to the numbers on them. I have no desire to buy a figure from Orphan Black but it has a number towards the collection. This is all very much first world problems but it is giving me an age crises and I don’t like being in crises.


Pay to Play, Play to Pay


Im taking some time out of my law and social policy exam revision to write this little piece. The other night myself and Grace went round to our friends Harry’s place to play the new Mortal Kombat,we where basically punching bags for him. I had only just recently got back into computer gaming, i religiously played GTA 5 which i really enjoyed, and it has kind of whetted my pallet. Prior to playing this the last game i played religiously was Skyrim when it was released back in 2011, needless to say i was addicted to this game, i would dream about, i would be constantly thinking about it, i just freaking loved that game. Recently i traded all my consoles and games in and treated myself to an Xbox One. Before GTA it was used as an entertainment centre, i got Shadows of Mordor for Grace to play just so it felt like it was getting used for games. But GTA comes along and it starts to get used.

I enjoyed playing Mortal Kombat the other night, but when Harry told me about the token feature i started to get annoyed, i was then told about the extra downloads that was coming out for it, so a game that cost £49.99-£54.99  will probably rise to nearly £80. Now i know that you dont have to buy the downloads and thats what every computer gaming company like EA, Activision, Ubi-Soft will say. But they know full well that if you are  purist at game, like my friend Harry you are going to spend the money on the downloads.EA know how to do this to perfection, their FIFA Ultimate team must have made them an absolute fortune, in fact i know it did, i was working in Gamestation at the time and many parents would be buying £10 credit for ultimate team, and thats from a little shop in Ramsgate. It also takes te fun away from online play, people have paid money to super themselves up and there is me leveling up at a ridiculously slow pace, where is the fun in that.


It begs the question, “is it ethical?”, I think the majority of us can tell when we are being ethical or not, unless of course you are a psychopath, I feel a lot of these computer game company’s are terrible unethical, they are fully aware of what they are doing but they continue to do it anyway, because they want the greed, much like cigarette companies and alcohol companies. They can see the effect it has on society but they do it anyway.

Sadly this is not going to go away and it feels like its alienating a lot of casual gamers, only time will tell.

Ronda Rousey and the WWE


As some of you saw this past Sunday/Monday, Rowdy Ronda Rousey set foot inside a WWE ring at Wrestlemania, she stood there staring down Stephanie McMahon. She stood there and let Steph talk, Rousey didnt need to say much, her facial expression said it all. And then finally a hip-toss to Triple H and then to Stephanie McMahon. Will Rousey be turning out for the WWE in the future? We can all hope. She has dominated the UFC, with each new contender Rousey decimates, you blink and you miss it. There is going to be a time where she will want a new challenge and i really hope this challenge is the WWE. How can they use her, what can she bring to a struggling divas division? NXT have the prospects but who has come up and be classed as successful?.Paige hasnt, Emma despite being mega talented is now back in NXT, and Summer Rae has just vanished.So now im going to give the WWE creative an idea of what i would like to happen.

When Rousey arrives Sasha Banks should be champion simple as. She would be a heel champion she plays that part so well on NXT. Due to Rousey’s popularity she will need to be face, no point making her a heel, the fans wont allow it. Rousey can be introduced on Raw as the next big thing. Sasha Bank comes out talks a load of smack about hoe she will need to prove herself if she is ever going to get a title shot. So she starts from the bottom, she begins her career at NXT. The WWE likes a gimmick so my idea is this, before each match Rousey is in her dressing room sitting looking at a board, on that board are all the pictures of the WWE divas in the shape of a pyramid, Sasha Banks being at the top. Every other week Rousey has her match and wins convincingly. This can keep happening, and before each match the person she has previously beaten either has the picture removed or there is a big strike through it. Rousey doesn’t need to win the NXT title either, she can just promote herself up to the main roster. When she hits Raw every time Banks has a match  Rousey stands at the the top of the ramp watching, saying nothing. After every match she can produce a little smile and then walk away. Soon enough this will play on Bank’s, so she starts watching some of her matches. This can end with Bank’s being the last person left to wrestle and it would be for the Diva’s championship. If all goes well WWE could have this feud come to head at Wrestlemania. Rousey would become the victor lifting the belt high above her head.

The next night on Raw Rousey throws the Diva’s belt into the trash can and unveils a new Women s Championship Belt.

Where the WWE takes it from here no one knows, but thats my idea for Ronda if she would ever come to the WWE. Hope you like the idea, i know it has its flaws but what story doesn’t?

Wrestlemania 31 Review


Contains Spoilers

Another year done and another Wrestlemania over, and i was pleasantly surprised with the show, it was still pretty predicable (not the main event) but this is something that over the years i have come to expect of the WWE. Every now and then the WWE gives us a real treat that leaves us gobsmacked, and it is this that makes me coming back. I was very skeptical of this years show of shows, the build up was very lukewarm, the main event even though it had Brock Lesnar was not really enthralling, the crowd weren’t behind the up and coming Roman Reigns, I enjoyed the crowd, like last year they were vocal and you could hear how vocal t hey were, Wrestlemania 29 the crowd appeared quiet, this could have been the massive size of the stadium, but either way the crowd were in good voice, even during the kick off show. So lets have a Jay look at the matches.

Fatal Four Way Tag Match

Cesaro & Kidd win via pinfall. This was shown on the kick off show, it had its moments, mainly containing Cesaro, but this match was hideously messy, the ref lost control, i didnt know who was legal, and it made me lose interest. I am however very pleased that Kidd and Cesaro retained, and i enjoyed Nattie’s attire, really embracing her dominatrix clothing. This tag team already has a number of story’s attached to it for when they decided to split them up.

Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royale

Big Show wins eliminating Mizdow. I might be the minority here but i have no real issues of Big Show winning this. You can criticize his face to heel rate but the the giant has been a great for the WWE, and he fully deserves a Wrestlemania achievement. I also feel that this win may signal the ending of his career. I cant see him leaving the WWE but he should definitely take a nice long holiday. It was great hearing the crowd behind Hideo Itami, and i think this really shows how many are now watching the NXT brand. The Ascension’s stock continues to drop as Ryback eliminates both at the same time, such a good tag team that has been ruined by creative. Big shames.

Intercontinental Title Ladder Match 

Daniel Bryan wins.The opening match was very exciting, i particularly enjoyed the suplex from Bad News Barrett on Stardust, the powerbomb on Dean Ambrose, which looked pretty nasty, and the fact Daniel Bryan won, which meant he has held all active titles in the WWE. I am having trouble understanding why R-Truth was there, he didnt really do much. The talent in the ring are capable of main eventing in my opinion. and its a shame they are not competing for the WWE title, but hopefully give it time and soon enough these wrestlers will have their shot. I just hope they dnt ruin Luke Harper in the process, the man is a monster and a very talented wrestler.

Randy Orton vs Seth Rollins

Randy Orton wins via pinfall. I had mixed feelings about this match, i am a huge fan of Seth Rollins, he seems to have everything, and is a great heel. I am not however a great fan of Randy Orton, never have been, his character has never appealed to me and i find him a boring wrestler, i have never doubted his ability though. This match could have gone either way, my gut told me Orton would win but i wanted Rollins to win. Orton was the victor with probably the most impressive RKO i have seen. The match overall was a good encounter, both wrestlers very fluid, there was a lot of back and forth, and the wrestling was very good. But where now for Randy Orton?

Triple H vs Sting 

Triple H wins via pinfall. I dont know how i feel about this match, from a wrestling point of view Sting and Triple H still got it. And im not surprised Triple H won, if he lost it would  be seen as WCW beating WWE, and that would never happen at a Wrestlemania. However i did struggle with the interference’s., A part of me thought it was cool seeing DX and NWO throw down, but i also wanted to see Triple H and Sting in a one on one with no interference. My girlfriend watched this match with me, and she is very new to wrestling, and she didnt know who DX and NWO were, so while i was explaining it hit me as to much history there is within wrestling, and thats freaking awesome. But again this niggling thing in the back of my mind was saying this is ridiculous, Sting was a vigilante and fought against the NWO, But anyhoo it sets up a DX vs NWO match at Extreme Rules which is a attitude era dream match. honorable mention to Triple H’s entrance, again very cool.

Aj Lee & Paige vs The Bella’s

Aj Lee & Paige wins via submission. This match frustrated me greatly. I am  big fan of Paige and not a fan of the Bella’s. Paige pretty much got her ass handed to her by the Bella’s and then only for AJ to come in and win the match. It would appear creative had listened to give divas a chance, in recent weeks on Raw, however they wanted to use Nikki Bella in these matches. Paige can wrestle, Aj can wrestle, Emma can wrestle, Nikka Bella cant wrestle, no matter how much time she is given in the ring i just dont think she is on the same level as any of the other female wrestlers. Rant over… for now.

John Cena vs Rusev

John Cena wins via pinfall. I wont talk about this match much as this is my biggest disappointment of the night. John Cena has nothing to gain by this win, Rusev had so much more to gain if he won. If he had beaten Cena it really cements him as unstoppable which could have led to a match against Lesnar. But no, creative go with what is safe and thats a John Cena win. The only good outcome i can see from this Rusev challenging for the title, but when do we ever have a heel vs heel match?

Undertaker vs Bray Wyatt 

Undertaker wins via pinfall. Not the outcome i would have liked and similarly to the John Cena match, Bray had more to gain than Undertaker. However i know why Taker won, it was to cement himself again as the phenom, and i wouldnt be surprised if this might be his last or second to last Mania. Nothing should be taking away from Bray though, he carried the entire story on his own and he put in another good wrestling performance, and i particularly enjoyed the spider vs sit up. He deserves to have that mantle as the new face of fear, and i really hope he has a promising feud. Can he be a man who turns Roman Reigns heel?

Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns.

Seth Rollins wins via pinfall on Reigns after cashing in Money in the Bank contract. 

Well this was exciting, and highly unpredictable. I genuinely thought Reigns was going to give Brock Lesnar a bit of a kicking when in actuality it was the other way round. And kudos to Reigns for not letting Brock bully him around. I got the impression Brock was “welcoming” Reigns to the WWE with some hefty real blows, to which Reigns responded with a pretty nasty knee to Lesnar’s face. Creative done a really good job here showing Reigns as not only strong but extremely tough but also protected Lesnar as being unstoppable by Rollins pinning Reigns. It was an epic end to a Wrestlemania, and by having the close pinfalls when Rollins cashes in added so much drama to what was potentially a drab main event. Well done creative on this main event.

Honorable Mention Rhonda Rousey & Stephanie Mcmahon 

This was another great promo delivered by Steph Mcmahon, If you dont know who Rhonda Rousey is then check out her out on Youtube. I have seen her UFC fights and she is unstoppable. I would love to see her work with the WWE for a short program. Steph is amazing at what she does, and the tension she created between her and a very smoldering Rhonda Rousey was immense. A great segment.

This Wrestlemania for me wasn’t as good as 30 but so much better than 29. Creative managed to do a good job in creating an event that had car crash written all over it. But this shows the inconsistency of creative. They seem to not really care for 19 months of the year and then all of a sudden pull out something great. Why cant they do it all year round? So whats next for the WWE? I cant wait for tonight’s Raw,, the night after show is always a great affair.  .

Take a Look at Yourself


So the last few years I have spent feeling pretty crappy about myself, this is not unusual, and a i probably hate myself more than I like myself. Yesterday I had a meeting with my off site work practitioner, and she made me feel a whole lot more better about myself, she is a really supportive, nurturing, real human being, something I think my tutors lacks lot of. Later on that day I went to observe a mindfulness group for my work placement. The idea of the group is for alcohol/substance dependents to sit back and look at the choices and make an informed practical decision that doesn’t include drugs/alcohol. I took a step back and really looked at what I have achieved over the last few years. 2008-2012 I was an assistant manager in retail, company politics and bad timing meant I was going nowhere. Early 2012 I jacked my job in and started my path towards becoming a social worker, I worked in a residential home with adults with learning disabilities. The job was horrendous, I really enjoyed the service user element of it, worked with some really cool people but management was awful, what management lets bullying happen? But it was a stepping stone. Late 2012 I enrolled in college to bump up my uni credits so that I stand a better chance of getting into Uni. I loved my course and again meet some very cool people, one I can’t seem to shake off because she is with me at University and was my diet buddy she also refers to me affectionally as gay face. Late 2013, after an essay, and interview I was one of 36 to be enrolled into the social work course, this in itself was an achievement considering the amount of people that applied and had interviews. It is in my first year that I spend 10 days shadowing the family support team in the local council. Retail to child protection, big jump. Mid 2014, I pass the first year without any resits, I’m not a very good essay person so to get through this year again was an achievement for me. 2015, Im at work placement, working with adult substance misuse, and apparently from feedback Im doing very well. I looked back on all this and I have to admire myself in regards to how far I have come, I just need to keep on grinding through because I know it will alter my life for the better, and provide for my family I plan on having and supporting the family that have supported me through my life. Don’t ever let anyone tell you, you can’t do something, you can, there are ways, it might take longer, but when you do it, it’s a great feeling.

2014 was a good year, there is nothing i can really complain about it, which is strange because im known as a moaner, whinger and a complainer. So now a recap from 2014.

So it begins, i met my current missus the very lovely Grace, i know im a pain in her ass but i cant imagine anyone better suited for me, dont worry this is not going to be a long gushy post about how i love my girlfriend, she knows how important she is to me and thats all that matters.


I also completed my first year at University, i didnt have to do any re submissions, so it was nice getting all my work done and kind of having a lovely summer of not really doing much.

I had two very awesome holidays, the first was a trip to York and Nottingham with Grace, i was happy to go anywhere so it was Grace that decided York, my honest initial reaction was ok thats fine, but after being i would happily go back in an instant, it is on my list of potential places i would move to. The city is beautiful and has a really lovely atmosphere, i loved it.

The second holiday was to the Ukraine and visit Chernobyl, which really needs to be seen to be believed, the aura that surrounds Pripyat was creepy, but oddly calming. All the while i was there i tried to picture what it would ave been like during the evacuation, hearing the explosions, the mass panic, if only i could go back in time. Also Ukraine is so cheap it was like £1.30 for a litre of lager or something stupid.


Myself and my very good chum Chris Brown went to a zombie apocalypse event, we basically went into an abandoned shopping mall armed with air soft shotguns and left to fight off zombies. This was crazy, even though you know its not real, and the people chasing you are actors there is still something in your head that tells you this is real, amazing.


Now im in 2015 and i have a few things to look forward to. Me and Grace will be hitting our one year anniversary in March, going to Portugal for a very close friends stag do, and then going to the wedding in Brighton. Starting my work placement at the end of January. And hopefully another zombie apocalypse event and a holiday with my lovely somewhere, possibly Northern Ireland so i can visit the Game of Thrones set. And finally starting my final year at University. Bring on 2015!!!!!!!

What do we know about peadophilia?

I appreciate its been a while that i have blogged, but every now and then i like to write about something that really interests me. Tonight channel 4 are being extremely brave and airing a documentary about a peadophile and his attraction towards children. Not only is this brave of channel 4, but also for the individual going on TV and discussing a really sensitive subject matter. According to the Daily Mail he has never abused and has no intentions to abuse.

But why am i interested in such taboo area of society. Like many others i shared the opinion that peadophiles were nasty, evil people that had no regard for a child’s well being just so they could cure their sexual desire. I then changed jobs and worked as a support worker with adults with learning disabilities, a number of these adults were child sex abusers. I thought to myself, how can i work with these evil people, how can i be an effective support worker when im working with these degenerates? My opinion soon changed when i read my service users profile and their history. I would like to point out that i in no way condone the actions of the abusers, and in no way making excuses for what they did. But when you read their history you gain an insight into why they may abuse, again not saying this is the main reason why they abuse because in cases this isn’t the case. Now their history’s included repeated sexual abuse as children themselves, so if a child suffered that much trauma at a young age would it not affect their judgement later on? There train of thought is if it happened to them as a child then why is it wrong for them to do it to children as well? It feels they have been placed into a secured unit and not been given the chance to deal with their emotions, it the support was there early on could they control their thoughts now?

It was still very hard knowing what my service users had done and many times i had thought you disgusting people but having this information made dealing with them a bit more bearable, which is what i had to do, it was my job, it is going to be my career. Im now on my Social Work degree and since starting my course and dealing with varied service users it became very apparent to me how little support they get. Some may say why should they they are peadophiles, but it seems like a lot of people forget that even though they are peadophiles it doesn’t actually mean they are going to offend, and whats even worse is that they have very limited places they can go for advice and support on dealing with these thoughts. Where can they go? As soon as someone mentions they have these thoughts they are considered risk, their houses get raided, computers taken, and pretty much outed by the media (this was a discussion i had with a friend earlier today). If support was available, and there wasn’t so much witch hunting in the media would cases of child sex abuse go down?

The documentary tonight i hope will address some issues that can open peoples eyes a bit and recognizes that peadophilia is a serious mental condition that should be dealt with in a productive way. Peadophilia is never going to go away its been round for hundreds of years, but we can help to prevent it. The documentary has already been endorsed by the NSPCC but it will be interesting to read media reaction about it tomorrow, i would hope that its positive and this is the first steps of services being made available for this service user group. I hope they address the stigma attached to peadophilia and give us some accurate stats, not stats that have been made by the Daily Mail from talking to people in the street. There is a big difference between someone like Jimmy Saville and the person in this documentary yet they get tarnished with the same brush. I also hope it highlights that even though they are paedophiles it doesn’t mean they are going to offend.

The vast majority of us have fallen in love with someone that weren’t interested, you couldn’t have them, they didnt want to be with you, remember how that made you feel. Can you imagine what a pedophile is going through having this attraction with the knowledge that they know what they are thinking is wrong and unnatural? This blog is open for misinterpretation so i want to reiterate again that i am no advocating for paedophiles or condone any actions they have taken. I want people to be aware that if help is given it can prevent and reduce child sex abuse. i will be doing a blog post about the documentary tomorrow at some point.

The Paedophile Next Door airs tonight on Channel 4 at 9pm